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Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction
    This policy outlines the principles and procedures Entraine Business Services Pvt. Ltd. adheres to in managing data protection and media content for all our business-to-business (B2B) events. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of privacy, security, and ethical handling of information and media associated with our events.

  2. Data Protection
    1. Collection of Data: Entraine Business Services Pvt. Ltd. collects business-related information from our clients and participants, including but not limited to names, company details, and professional contact information, strictly for event-related purposes.
    2. Use of Data: The information gathered is used solely for the planning, execution, and follow-up of the event, including communications, logistics management, and other event-specific requirements.
    3. Storage and Security: All collected data is securely stored in our encrypted databases, with access limited to authorized personnel involved in the event management process.
    4. Data Sharing: Personal or business data is not shared with third parties unless required for specific event-related services and only with the explicit consent of the concerned individuals or organizations.
    5. Data Retention and Deletion: Post-event, personal and sensitive data is retained only as long as necessary for legal, accounting, or reporting requirements, and then securely deleted or anonymized.

  3. Media Management
    1. Media Collection and Use: During our events, we may collect media, including photographs, videos, and audio recordings, for event documentation, promotion, and other related purposes.
    2. Consent for Media Use: We obtain explicit consent from individuals or organizations before capturing and using their images or other media, informing them about the intended use of any media collected.
    3. Media Storage and Security: All media files are securely stored with access limited to authorized personnel, protecting the media from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.
    4. Media Removal Post-Event: Following the conclusion of the event, all media will be reviewed, and any content not required for agreed-upon purposes will be permanently deleted from our systems.

  4. Compliance and Review
    1. Regulatory Compliance: Our data protection and media management practices comply with relevant local and international laws and regulations.
    2. Policy Review and Updates: This policy is subject to regular review and updates to ensure continued compliance with legal standards and best practices.
Contact Information For any queries or concerns regarding our Event Management Policy, please contact +91 87999 06245.