Accelerating Product Development | Technology
Deep-Dive for EV Startups

14th & 15th December 2022 (Virtual)


The India electric vehicle (EV) startup ecosystem has
experienced an unprecedented boom in the last few
years, with new entrants and established players jostling
for first-mover advantage in an increasingly crowded
marketplace. Developing an EV is a complex process
involving mechanical, electromechanical, electronic
system and software development, typically through a
network of innovation partners. 

What can you do to stay ahead of your competition?

Establishing an accelerated product development platform can help you scale your design, development, verification, and validation capabilities to match product and market requirements. Utilize new technologies quickly and cost-effectively, collaborating securely across engineering domains, and leverage your ecosystem of innovation partners, through browser- based access, on any device, any time.

How can Siemens help?

Siemens can provide you an end-to-end integrated product development suite that covers all domains – mechanical, electrical, electronic and software. This includes the industry leading data management PLM system to enable the necessary workflows, traceability, auditability ensuring integration from beginning to end. Our solutions reduce risk and cycle time by providing integrated data management, design, and simulation from the start.

Why Attend ?

Attend this virtual session, interact with our experts, and learn how you can establish an accelerated product development platform to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Who’s Speaking

Our Speakers


Short Agenda

Generative design and additive manufacturing.

Simulation solutions.

Digital backbone – PLM to data, BOM and change management.

IoT solution.

Rapid application development for internal and external app creation.


Should Attend

VP of Engineering | Product Development Manager / Engineer | Simulation Manager / Engineer| IoT Expert| IT and App Developers.


Franklin James

Sr. Project Executive

Shifa Aga​

Project Executive