Over the years, Entraine has built an outstanding reputation in the events industry, be it public or customized in-house workshops. We are proud of our work and our clients. Repeat business and client retention is at the very heart of our business; Our highly-skilled professional team spend time with you and understand the target audience and come up with a theme. The greatest essence of our success is that everything is done in-house, right from planning to execution! Our workshops are built to suit your needs.

Why In-house and not Public Conferences/events?

Promoting business and Sales would be much easier from a quantitative perspective; the main benefit of such events is that they permit sales to be increased and business to be done due to the strength of the contacts made and their promotional effect. The delegates would be present all day to understand what you have to offer and they do not have much of a choice to shop around. These events are very positive both in advertising the company’s products and services to actual and potential customers. There is absolutely no competition and 100% of delegates attending are pre-screened personally by your sales team to ensure relevant clients register for this.


  • Meet pre-qualified delegates of your choice (pre-screened by your sales team)
  • No Competition
  • C-Suite Executives from business verticals of your choice. eg: IT/Operations/Finance/Sales
  • Access to delegate directory
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Pre course questionnaire (your choice of questions) filled by the delegates along with their company seal and signature.
  • Wish-list of clients/sectors/job functions
  • Lead Generation
  • Reach industry decision makers of your choice
  • Increase your visibility and position your company as an industry leader
  • Pursue networking opportunities
  • Branding and awareness
  • Disseminate information and introduce new products, services and solutions
  • 1 full day of event/workshop



Eliminate Competition

Lead Generation

100% ROI