In House Courses

Customized training courses designed and delivered for the specific needs of your company, and staff members.

Based on your requirements, we can develop a custom-made training program, and deliver it specifically for your employees, at your chosen location = giving them precisely the skills and knowledge that they need. If you’re looking for specialist training for your staff, and can’t find programs or a price that meet your requirements exactly, our ‘In-House’ Training team can help.

Request a quote for your specific requirement: 8 steps to customized the in-house course/courses.

  1. Contact one of our dedicated in-house training advisers, to discuss the training needs for your company. They will work with you, and advise you, throughout the whole process.
  2. Decide whether you would like one of our existing courses, or if you would like us to customize a course to your specific needs.
  3. Choose from a set of trainers provided. As we have over 2000 trainers from across the globe you get to find the right trainer of your choice.
  4. Discuss the course directly, with the trainer that will be delivering the course. This allows the trainer to fully understand the course that you require, and also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the trainer’s expertise and experience.
  5. Finalize the course agenda, structure and delivery method.
  6. Decide when and where you would like the course to be delivered.
  7. Let our dedicated team of logistics personnel organize the training course materials for you.
  8. Let us deliver the training course that precisely matches your company’s needs.


Our Public courses are meticulously designed to support professionals in every strata of an organization. Our courses enhance organizational growth by transforming the way how an organization functions, equipping professionals with the right skill sets.

We have specialized trainers for delivering public Training who provide training with great dedication exemplifying our commitment to our philosophy of excellence.

Why choose us?

  • High Quality trainer
  • Course written by think thanks and industry specific experts
  • Highly focused trainings through real life case studies and group discussion
  • Interactive training courses which facilitates knowledge transfer from trainer to the delegates and between the delegates
  • Post training supports